TOK torque limiters

What is a torque limiter

A torque limiter is an overload protection device that immediately blocks the input and output to protect the application when the load exceeds the setting.
For example, if a machine is no torque limiter and something trouble is occurred cause of something jam at the output side, a drive source such a motor may break down due to overload.
On the other hand, if the torque on the input side of a motor or other device is too high, the output side may break down.
By installing a torque limiter between the input and output sides, such component damage can be prevented.
As soon as the torque on the output side is back to the set torque or less, it returns from the protect condition to the transmission condition.

This website lists two types of TOK torque limiters: spring type and magnet type.
Using the search function, you can easily find the torque limiter you need from rotation speed/toruqe/shaft siameter.

We sincerely hope that you will find your desired torque limiter on this website.