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Magnetic hysteresis torque limiters | TLEU1-618-15W

・Allowable rotation speed  2000 minー¹
・Application shaft Φ6 mm
・ Torque 15 mN・m (0.133 lbf・in)


・15 mN・m (0.133 lbf・in)
・Torque is generated by the magnetic force
・Wide variety of torque as the same shape
・Small size
・Light weight
・High durability
・High allowable rotation speed
・Low torque ripple
・Good heat dissipation due to the aluminum housing

Product lineup

Product name Torque [mN⋅m] (lbf⋅in) Damping direction
TLEU-618-15W 15 (0.133) Bidirectional

Product information

Product information

Product information | TLEU series Torque Limiter

Main materials

Main materials | TLEU series Torque Limiter


Tested at 2000min-1(2000rpm) and measured at 500min-1(500rpm)

Durability | TLEU series Torque Limiter


Temperature characteristics

Torque measured at 500 min-1 (500 rpm)

Temperature characteristics | TLEU series Torque Limiter


Speed characteristics

Speed characteristics | TLEU series Torque Limiter

Mounting image

Mounting image | TLEU series Torque Limiter

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